Meet Tequila's less boozy cousin...

Agave Wine isn't Tequila, but it comes from the same plant.

Always Fermented.
Never Distilled.

By fermenting 100% Blue Agave to produce wine (instead of distilling it to make Tequila), we’re able to serve up a premium cocktail with the same signature flavor while being lighter, smoother and refreshingly easy to sip.

100% de Agave Wine has long been used in traditional Mexican Margaritas and is said to make Margaritas that are as good (if not better) than these traditional Tequila-based drinks.

Agave Wine vs. Tequila

Less Boozy

Each glass of Sunlit is equivalent to one glass of wine (12% ABV) which is less than half the booziness of a traditional, restaurant-style margarita (25%-35% ABV).

Signature Flavor

Both Agave Wine and Tequila come from the blue agave plant and have the same signature flavor.

Minimally Processed

Unlike Tequila, Agave Wine doesn't go through the distillation process. We like to think this is what makes it amazing AF.


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